Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finding new things....

Its always wonderful when you find a piece of make-up that works for you...I am sure I have said that before! But I have copied of my beautiful friend Leila on her Miss Sporty lipstick in colour 051 bubblegum. She told me that if you dab it won't come out so 'shocking' (especcialy good for school!), so I bought it and for only £2.89 I thought it was a very fabulous deal!
I think Miss Sporty is becoming my fav make-up brand, closley followed by Barry M and MUA.
I have in my possesion one of there lengthinging mascaras, and I love it! One of the best I have ever had!

I also poped into my local superdrug when I was out with my sister scowling the highstreet store, because I needed some new brushes and foundation sponges, and I found a pack of three spounges for only £1! I was in shock so I had to buy them, and they are actually very good!

I also bought an eyelash curler, which I love and use (I think) a bit too much!

Recomendation of the week!
Its Batiste dry shampoo! I have used it for years and love it. They have recently bought out a new range with 'a hint of colour' I obviously got the light and blonde one, but for all you brunettes or black haired people out there they do a (I am sure) equally excellent one for the darker hair colours.

The 'hint of colour' range (:
Until next time (:


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