Thursday, 22 September 2011

Room Orginisation :(

Don't you just get so inspired when you see someone with a really pretty orginaised bedroom? Like on teen cribs or youtube...well I check out some on youtube and then thought to myself 'I will orginize my bedroom like that' and now I am looking at the mess I have made by emptying my draws and thinking 'what the hell did I do that for!' such a annoyence!

I have been thinking for ages to sort out my wardrobe and now I think I will spend unitl 8'o clock to make it look nice...or at least I will try :/

I love looking in magazines and getting ideas for new outfits and get so inspired but I am always having problems with my hair! I mean it is down to my waist and I just really don't know what to do with it :S I have no ideas!

Here's a picture where you can see just how long it is!

Calves look freaky!?
Until next time


leila georgina poole said...

wow it really is down to your waist :P

Aimee said...

yep I know! too long :) what shoes you gonna wear on saturday xx