Thursday, 1 December 2011

I am now a tumblrer! So everyone please check out my tumblr out!
much love
aimee !

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

birthday (:

Hello readers ! Sorry I have not done a post in a while, I have been mega busy, since it was my birthday last Friday ! (25/11) I am sad it has been and gone but the memories make me smile each time they pop into my head!

I turned 15, can't believe it! Little Aimee has now only got five years until she is twenty, and 1 year until GCSE's and two years till she can drive! I got amazing presents from friends and family, and I will show you some of the clothing items in another post (:

The Saturday afterwards me and my wonderful friends, went out for a meal at Prezzo in my local high-street. It was such a fun night ! Here are some photos of all of us (:

                                                            WARNING PHOTO OVERLOAD! :)

I had an excellent birthday, and I wanna thank some people for making the happen ! (:
Mum and Dad  - (:
Amber -  (: love you sister !
(in the photos)
Ulla -  red lipped girl !
Beverly - stunning orange/red blazer
Leila - gorgeous poofed up hair !
Naomi - cute photo taker !
Tarryn - beautiful stripy blazer !

anyway please excuses my chipped nails :( and I was wearing my new clothing ! The jumpsuit you might be able to see is from River Island, and one of my favourite gifts from my Mum and Dad. And the bag is from my lovely Naomi ! Thanks again girlies for a WONDERFUL night!

Much love

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Hello just a quick post! I now have a tumblr and bit late I know, but now I am fabulously in love with it thanks to my beautiful friend Tarryn (her tumblr: carousel-of-colour)! Mine is called: coffeelondonaimee I am sorry it is not that great! I am only a newcomer (: 



Hope you like my animation above, it has been done by Tarryn! (it is me!) 
See you soon! 

Monday, 7 November 2011

It's time for the jumpers..

Hello fellow bloggers how is the weather treating you? Hope you are all enjoying the cold winds a wet rain beneath your feet as you rush to work or school (:

I wanted to write this blog post about my recent buys. These few things are what I stumbled across whilst browsing the shopping centre in sight for some Christmas ideas. All of the photos you will see have been taken on fireworks night. I did not attend any shows as I simply could not be bothered to stand up in my coat for ages waiting for the fireworks to start in the freezing cold, whereas I can have a perfectly nice display from my next door the warmth of my own home!

Three days ago I did not own a proper jumper. Gasp at this comment what you will but it is true. Unfortunately. The only jumpers I had where cropped (or my sisters!) so I think I needed one! So here I am wearing my new gorgeous jumper which I am fully fond of, it is from TOPSHOP and was £35 also I am wearing my new jacket in some of them so you can see it a bit better this was £25 from H&M (discounted) and in the last photo I am wearing my new snood which was £15 from RIVER ISLAND (:

as you can see we got some sparklers and lit them in our garden (: I am sorry that my trousers look like ankle swingers in these photos! I was not wearing any socks hehe (: and I must say I do not look great in these photos too :L

I would also like to thank you for all the comments from the last post they where, again, much appreciated (: and the other girl in the photos above is my much loved sister Amber. She also has a blog (new) and if you would like to check it out I am following her and her blog is called!

Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone!

Much Love

Thursday, 3 November 2011

white lips, pale face

Hello my lovelies, thank you for all of the comments from the last post by the way!  I enjoyed reading them all. Well if you live in London you will realise that on this Thursday afternoon the rain is pouring down, and there is a flash of light and a rumble of the clouds every now again. Luckily I have just missed this whilst walking home from school.

It is my birthday all too soon, I will be 15 years of age...ouch that does not seem like me at all! I am so silly, seems like the number that will be staring at me in the face in the next 23 days and I will realise ‘right might need to be a bit more mature now!’.

Anyway getting on to fashion, how are you all loving the A/W fashion? Personally it is the easiest to dress for. Plus I love earthy tones so this season trends are bang on my style (: I have purchased the lovely jacket you can see below, it was from H&M and I brought it for a record breaking £15! Oh la la. I got a discount code please any online shoppers don’t forget to search vouchers!

These photos of me in the jacket are taken on my webcam as my camera is currently dead, so this photo quality is only temporary. (:
Hope you like!:

Also how do you like the outfit below? I think she looks effortlessly beautiful and her shoe/sock combination is amazing, I must try it one time!.
image from; the sartorialist

One quick last amazing is that script? Gosh I love them:

Just a little song ! (:

well everyone I hope you have a amazing morning/afternoon/night. 

Much loves

Saturday, 29 October 2011

black and white..

Hello everyone! How are you liking this season? I am enjoying it very much, especially the clothing, but let me know what you think about it in the comments box! :)


I am loving black and white at the moment, I think it makes photos look more classic. So on a recent trip round my friends house I had my camera in my hand on the setting 'grayscale'.
We popped some make up on and pretty clothes and got to it! And then after around 3 hours (phew!) - with a sprinkle of petal leaves and technology (and of course make up and clothes ...) we had our amazing photos!
Leila in the amazing jumpsuit I love from River Island...
Leila is a joy to photograph, you literally cannot go wrong with her. Her poses are amazing and her face is beautiful. There is never a dull day with her. And just look, shorts are not just for spring/summer you know! If I was to go out in this outfit I would put on some socks to keep my legs toasty.  
This outfit (apart from vest top) is not mine, but still stunning

When I saw Leila's shoes perched beautifully beneath her window I believe my comment was 'Oh my gosh these shoes are so pretty!' they are right? And when I asked where they were from my answer shocked me..'Primark' she replied. Looks like I better start shopping there? The skirt is amazing too, it is Leila's mum's from H&M...its lovely. 

I actually brought the rose petals that are being carelessly thrown at us two from IKEA for Leila's birthday. Guess they came in handy in this shoot (: these photos above are currently mine and Leila's profile pictures on Facebook
My outfit - top;NEW LOOK shorts; MISS SELFRIDGE socks; NEXT
Leila's outfit - top; PRIMARK jeans; UNKNOWN

I have now finished my half term, and tommorow I am having Russian first thing - LUCKY ME! - so до свидания and keep shopping!

Much Love

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Monday, 24 October 2011

baby its cold outside...

I must confess I love winter. Christmas time, my birthday (: it all happens around this crisp beautiful season. But, a few days ago I went trough my wardrobe to see what I would wear on a shopping spree and realised I did not have a essential; a basic hooded jacket. So on that wonderful trip down to the shops I brought a very nice jacket for £20 from H&M. I have search through there website but can't seem to find it! But I did find this little beauty: 
This amazing jacket is so beautiful it makes me a little upset to think I won't be getting it any time soon! But for only £30 I think it will defiantly be very popular. 

Also this outfit is very hot. I love the chick blazer, very jealous of it in fact! And the bracelet adds a touch of glam.
On the Street….Somerset House, London
picture from sartorialist 
a lot of fashion bloggers will most probably disagree with me when I say this but, I do not like half in/half out shirts! I will not be wearing that any time soon. (:

this is me on a recent sleepover (blog post below) just wanted to share with fellow bloggers where I got all of my clothes from :)
I am actually wearing two tops, the bottom one from NEW LOOK and the top from H&M, my jeans are from RIVER ISLAND. 

please follow me! I have no one yet! :)
keep on blogging
Aimee xx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

H&M on my mind ..

I have been searching H&M and found some awesome little outfits: take a look:
tell me what you think! xx

(sources; all

Monday, 17 October 2011

Trends for A/W

There are so many nice clothes and outfits out there it gets pretty hard to choose what to wear everyday or what to pick out in a shop, normally I end up buying everything, which leaves my mother in some serious debt..oops, guess I should lay of the shopping sprees! :)

I was just look through the Vogue website really interested in the new trends that will be out. I am not usually a trend follower but I do like to take a little look at some of there outfit's for inspiration. 

I am loving brogues at the moment, I have a pair for school and have got a pair of chunky brown ones on my birthday list. I think they are very tomboy, if you want them to be, but can be very feminine with a very cute little dress. These are the fabulous pair I want, they are £24.99 from New Look and worth every penny;

Anyway back to Vogue I noticed a very cute little outfit for the A/W fashion trends. It is a nice knitted dress, which looks like an oversized jumper with a pair, of what look like to me, loafers here's the picture;

I love this outfit, and it is something I would wear although I would pair it with heels instead of flats. It gave me inspiration for a new outfit, here it is: 

DRESS £55 lipsy - CLUTCH £16 new look - HEELS £24.99 new look
I would defiantly wear this outfit although I am not sure I could walk in those heels! Need to get some practice in first. The little cream dress is coming right into fashion now with the likes of Ashleigh Tisdale and so forth rocking there pretty dresses.

Lil'bit stylish!
Also this season it's all about raiding your little sisters wardrobe in search of something utterly adorable and kitsch to wear! Dungarees and pink prints look very classy when dolled up the correct way! And things such as Micky Mouse or Hello Kitty tops will look great with a chequered shirt and washout denim shorts!

whether you prefer flats or heeled boots, there are so many pairs of autumn shoes out there for you! they would look excellent with a pair of skinny jeans and a big knit or even with a dress or skirt! There are so many different ways you can wear them, so get your pair ASAP! I have got a pair of heeled lace up boots which I adore so believe you me there is no way you can buy a pair of stunning boots and think 'this don't go with my outfit!' 

well I must get off to painting my nails black else I'll forget and save it for another day! No no no! 

Well goodbye for now! 
aimee x

Thursday, 13 October 2011


My drawing is most of the time absolutely rubbish so I am going to show you a picture I drew of Jennifer Lopez that I saw whilst flicking through my Teen Vogue magazine. 

Here is what I copied 

here is my version:

Not very good, because the picture was taken on my webcam, camera is currently dead :(

here is another one;