Sunday, 29 January 2012


So recently I went out with my sister on a shopping spree, and I got two things I ADORE. They are a green silk top and a pair of white wash jeans, I have got pretty rubbish photos of the outfit since my camera is dead but here they are anyway!:

Please ignore my face and my bad posture! The silk top ( if you can see it!) is from Topshop, on sale for £15, and the jeans were only £7 from H&M reduced from £30. Amazing, love love love the sales. I also got a great bikini which was only 8 pounds for the top and bottoms, and a pair of cute earrings for 4 pounds, both from the fabulous Topshop. 

How was all of your Christmas's? Hope they were filled with festivity and joy, and hope you got a chuck load of presents! I certainly did, my parents spoilt me and my sister rotten!  (': goodbye hope you have a wonderful week! x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello everyone who is kind enough to be reading this, so sorry I have not posted for so long but as I am sure you can see below I have been a  bit addicted to tumblr - if you are on there, leave me your URL and I will check it out!

So happy new year! Can you believe it is 2012? I can't funny how the end of the world did not come huh? Anyway moving on I am now in my second half of year 10 and in 1 and a half years I will be leaving school and deciding what to do with my life, which is to teach..I think :) not quite sure yet.

Have you been sale shopping yet? To be honest I dislike sale shopping a lot, all the people, clothes scattered endlessly around the shop - very un-organised. But I went recently and got a lot of great stuff! I will do another post when I take a few snaps of my new outfit. (:

So I just wanted to say hello, and that Coffee London Aimee is back ;)