Thursday, 2 August 2012

Autumn is on its way...

What do you guys like about autumn? The crisp leaves on the streets? The beautiful clothing in the earthy tones? Or just the fact you can snuggle in bed for once without having to put the fan on or open a window? Well for me it is all of that. I love jeans, jumpers and boots, so for me autumn and winter are amazing times for me - its what my wardrobe it full of! Here are my colour crushes at autumn:


1. army jacket; TOPSHOP 2. lace up boots; TOPSHOP 3. cut out sleeve jumper RIVER ISLAND 4. Rib V jumper TOPSHOP 5. make-up bag TOPSHOP 6. ring TOPSHOP

1. blazer 2.tassel clip 3.frilly ankle socks 4. tunic 5. Baxter jeans 6. playsuit ALL TOPSHOP

1. skirt RIVER ISLAND 2. shirt TOPSHOP 3. backpack TOPSHOP 4. rings TOPSHOP 5. knitted bralet TOPSHOP 6. nail varnish TOPSHOP

have a wonderful day! 

welcome to my world!

Hello! Can you believe that I am writing a post again! The next day! Wow, I am getting good. I really enjoy writing blog posts but I get distracted with Youtube, Facebook and Tumblr. Also as I said before it is my birthday soon, so have been online browsing and sending my mum the links to my best pieces. Although I added up all my items and it got to around £300. Showed my mum and she said "that's okay!" I was like "wooooaaahhh" I am now so excited! So yesterday I went on a mini shopping trip just up to IKEA and looked around the shops near there. In IKEA I got a wonderful plant. I really wanted one just for my window ledge and it looks wonderful and for only £3 it was a real bargain. I also popped into TOPSHOP - my all time best store. I looked in the sale section but there was nothing there! I was too late! But I got a really cute white top for £18 and I love it so much. Also on the way home me and my mum popped into Sainsburys - a massive one - and my Mum brought me some new pillows and a new throw for a rather pricey £57 but I love them so very much! Well anyway here are some photos of my new stuff. -->


Sorry about the amazingly bad quality photo's they were done on my webcam, my camera is dead and takes forever to charge! But hey, oh well! Right now I am listening to Christina Perri's album called lovestrong and I love it, have any of you got it?!
Also I am planning on getting my teeth whitened! I am so excited, have any of you had it done? Would love so advice! I am getting it professionally done, so it will cost around £200 - £400 , we are not quite sure yet but will see! I have always had a problem with my teeth being slightly stained due to my coffee drinking, hence the name of my blog! Haha :) Also I wanted to know what you guys are reading? That's if I get any comments! Haha! I am currently reading Linger by Maggie Stiefvater and love it! It is the second in the trilogy and it's amazing, a definite recommend for anyone between the age of 14 to about 17!
Better sign of now! Might do a fashion post next!:)<3 Good bye :)<3 One last quote to make you feel good today!
Have a great day guys!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Raindrops and pink hair

Hello, how are you all? I have not wrote on this blog in so long it feels like I have abandoned it. Sorry. Well my life recently has actually been pretty interesting. In four months it is my sixteenth birthday, I have just applied for my first job, I have recently been on holiday, and my GCSE results are coming back soon! The main reason I have not been on here for so long, is because I have been on tumblr most of the time, it is unbelievably addictive! But anyway today has been pretty useless, I am sick so was watching the latest episode of pretty little liars, and just been on my laptop. I will now go ahead with the fashion! I actually cannot wait for autumn! The clothing - jumpers and boots! Yay!

 In this photo, you can see my holiday style I guess. Very laid back, and not to fussy. I was wearing a plain New Look top and River Island shorts. My bag is from Avon. The view here is incredible it was in the Spanish Costa blanca, and one of the most spectacular places I have ever been.
Here I am looking a bit scared! It was so high up, and down below was just very scary water crashing against the rocks! We ate in a restaurant right by the sea, they said on a clear day you could see Ibiza, but to me it just looked like a very low cloud in the distance.
Here is me and my sister sitting in that restaurant. My mother could not get over the prices! We all had the speciality fish, and it cost around 20 euros each! And the meal was not substantial! Oh well. Here you can see my jewellery. Sunglasses from Lipsy London, and earrings from Ale-Hop a Spanish store. 
Here I am at a recent friends birthday. I actually cannot believe my hair was pink! How does it look? I am wearing a black maxi, side split skirt from River Island and a joy division top from H&M. My gold nail varnish is one of my favourites. 

Great colour right? The weather was terrible that day. Raining all the time! 
And here is my pink hair!
Well I must be signing off now, have to pop of the IKEA :)<3 Will post soon!

Until next time