Monday, 3 October 2011

Bit of a blur

Been going through a time in my life where I dont really know whats going on. People change, and most of the time for the worst.
You think you know someone then they change and there new self comes and bits you on the bum.

So you wonder what you should do. Should you leave that person and start a fresh? Or should you stand by there new self? I would rather in my case leave, but there is always somthing to hold you back and stay put.

I have always wanted to move to the country. Somwhere I could walk around safely without the danger or serious crime in the area I live in now.
Where I can get friends who are not different to me, who understand me. I just dont get that here.

I really badly wanted it when I went to kent yesterday. It was so peacful and so lovley, I wish I could stay there forever. It was just a dream......................

top; NEW LOOK shorts; MISS SELFRIDE bra; M&S boots; RIVER ISLAND bag; NEXT

until next time (: