Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Summer has ended

Well summer has ended and winter is in the horizon, I thought I'd take a few snapes while the sun was still in bloom and I could go outside without wearing a winter coat. But to be honest I love winter. The cosy clothing, the smell of christmas trees and getting to open my xmas presents a day early because of my fabulous Danish roots.

Its always nice to wake up one morning and find snow laying of every crack in your garden. One gets excited and feels like its a bit of a dream, like your in a fantasy world.

Back to reality I can not seem to be botherd to do my homework! With so much of it and the computer staring at me in the face, I would think I'd rather create a new blog and write a post about what is going on in my life. Yes I think that sounds rather satisfactory!

Well on to my outfit in the pictures above, I brought the top when I was shopping out in London with my mother and sister, and got it in a shop called Pull and Bear thought it looked rather nice so paid for it with the last of my pocket money! The shorts are a gift from my Dad, they are from Miss Selfridges and cost a hell of a lot of money! The socks are actually for school but I thought they looked nice in this particular outfit. They are from Next.

Well there you go! My first post, hope anyone reading it enjoys it as much as I did writing it! xx

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leila georgina poole said...

wow, amazing ! and i love these pictures , how come ive never seen themo on facebook ?
p.s: you wrote alot , and im not surprised your in top set....:) xxx