Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finding new things....

Its always wonderful when you find a piece of make-up that works for you...I am sure I have said that before! But I have copied of my beautiful friend Leila on her Miss Sporty lipstick in colour 051 bubblegum. She told me that if you dab it won't come out so 'shocking' (especcialy good for school!), so I bought it and for only £2.89 I thought it was a very fabulous deal!
I think Miss Sporty is becoming my fav make-up brand, closley followed by Barry M and MUA.
I have in my possesion one of there lengthinging mascaras, and I love it! One of the best I have ever had!

I also poped into my local superdrug when I was out with my sister scowling the highstreet store, because I needed some new brushes and foundation sponges, and I found a pack of three spounges for only £1! I was in shock so I had to buy them, and they are actually very good!

I also bought an eyelash curler, which I love and use (I think) a bit too much!

Recomendation of the week!
Its Batiste dry shampoo! I have used it for years and love it. They have recently bought out a new range with 'a hint of colour' I obviously got the light and blonde one, but for all you brunettes or black haired people out there they do a (I am sure) equally excellent one for the darker hair colours.

The 'hint of colour' range (:
Until next time (:


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Room Orginisation :(

Don't you just get so inspired when you see someone with a really pretty orginaised bedroom? Like on teen cribs or youtube...well I check out some on youtube and then thought to myself 'I will orginize my bedroom like that' and now I am looking at the mess I have made by emptying my draws and thinking 'what the hell did I do that for!' such a annoyence!

I have been thinking for ages to sort out my wardrobe and now I think I will spend unitl 8'o clock to make it look nice...or at least I will try :/

I love looking in magazines and getting ideas for new outfits and get so inspired but I am always having problems with my hair! I mean it is down to my waist and I just really don't know what to do with it :S I have no ideas!

Here's a picture where you can see just how long it is!

Calves look freaky!?
Until next time

A bit of an addiction

For this post I thought I'd tell you about my addictions in life. Everyone has them, whether its Justin Bieber or Scary Movies, one of mine is pretty obvious considering the title of my blog...its coffee!

I seriously cannot get enough of it, although it comes with a consequence, not the whitest of teeth I don't think I can give it up! One of my favourite coffee shops is Caffe Nero; it does the best food, coffee and frappes (milkshakes) in the world. I love to go in there with my sister and catch up on some good old gossip.

My next addiction is make-up, I like it natural but I cannot go out somewhere with a risk of people I know seeing me, without a but of mascara on. I have tried too many mascaras and all of them seem to be the same. I did find one excellent mascara and that's called Skyscraper by Collection 2000, but due to my unfortunate eye allergy's I had to quit using that ): It gave me a very spaced out long lash effect, and I would defiantly recommend using it to other people, I know I stole it from one of my friends because it looked so good!

There is nothing like finding make-up that works for you and I have recently tried out the MUA Matte Foundation for myself, only because I had run out of money and considering it was only £2 I thought it was quite a good idea! And it turned out to be a very good buy! It gave me a even coverage and was nearly bang on my skin colour, although I must admit it did to last for too long, a school day maybe but not from dawn till dusk.

I recently brought the jeans above from River Island for £40 and I have got to say I love them! They are really edgy but very nice to wear up or down. I have become obsessed with wearing them everywhere I go!

Image for Turndown Collar Heeled Ankle Boots
I have also recently brought these pair of heeled lace up boots from Barrats for £52 and I love them too! They go excellently with my new jeans a leather jacket...I think that's next on my list!

Until next time

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Leila Georgina

I have added some of my favourite pictures of my best friend Leila. I think she is a stunning beautiful person, with a equally wonderful personality.
There is also one of me and her at her birthday party in London, which I thoroughly enjoyed, we got to take a ride in a stretched limo up to London and wave at people...we felt like celebrities!

And all sharing these wonderful special memories with my best friend (: and I hope to make more....


There is nothing like finding a friend that you can count on. Someone you can share secrets, worries and gossip with, without them judging, insulting or making fun of you. So once you have found it, you have to hold on to it and never let go, because those people are rare, and very special. Although you have you down days, there will always be someone who will mend that cut in the relationship.
They are called best friends, and they are the best people ever


Summer has ended

Well summer has ended and winter is in the horizon, I thought I'd take a few snapes while the sun was still in bloom and I could go outside without wearing a winter coat. But to be honest I love winter. The cosy clothing, the smell of christmas trees and getting to open my xmas presents a day early because of my fabulous Danish roots.

Its always nice to wake up one morning and find snow laying of every crack in your garden. One gets excited and feels like its a bit of a dream, like your in a fantasy world.

Back to reality I can not seem to be botherd to do my homework! With so much of it and the computer staring at me in the face, I would think I'd rather create a new blog and write a post about what is going on in my life. Yes I think that sounds rather satisfactory!

Well on to my outfit in the pictures above, I brought the top when I was shopping out in London with my mother and sister, and got it in a shop called Pull and Bear thought it looked rather nice so paid for it with the last of my pocket money! The shorts are a gift from my Dad, they are from Miss Selfridges and cost a hell of a lot of money! The socks are actually for school but I thought they looked nice in this particular outfit. They are from Next.

Well there you go! My first post, hope anyone reading it enjoys it as much as I did writing it! xx