Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Leila Georgina

I have added some of my favourite pictures of my best friend Leila. I think she is a stunning beautiful person, with a equally wonderful personality.
There is also one of me and her at her birthday party in London, which I thoroughly enjoyed, we got to take a ride in a stretched limo up to London and wave at people...we felt like celebrities!

And all sharing these wonderful special memories with my best friend (: and I hope to make more....


There is nothing like finding a friend that you can count on. Someone you can share secrets, worries and gossip with, without them judging, insulting or making fun of you. So once you have found it, you have to hold on to it and never let go, because those people are rare, and very special. Although you have you down days, there will always be someone who will mend that cut in the relationship.
They are called best friends, and they are the best people ever


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leila georgina poole said...

i think i want to cry .... i love it :) thank you xxxxxthou