Thursday, 13 October 2011


My drawing is most of the time absolutely rubbish so I am going to show you a picture I drew of Jennifer Lopez that I saw whilst flicking through my Teen Vogue magazine. 

Here is what I copied 

here is my version:

Not very good, because the picture was taken on my webcam, camera is currently dead :(

here is another one;


leila georgina poole said...

i see what you mean by being proud of this drawing , its utterly brilliant , i never knew you could like that !!! and i swear shes wearing your knitted jumper that i looooove !!!!!!

Aimee said...

ha ha! thank you leila! xx (:

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Very cute drawing! I can't draw anything even though I really want to! xoxoxoo

Aimee said...

thank youu! and I am sure you can!