Wednesday, 30 November 2011

birthday (:

Hello readers ! Sorry I have not done a post in a while, I have been mega busy, since it was my birthday last Friday ! (25/11) I am sad it has been and gone but the memories make me smile each time they pop into my head!

I turned 15, can't believe it! Little Aimee has now only got five years until she is twenty, and 1 year until GCSE's and two years till she can drive! I got amazing presents from friends and family, and I will show you some of the clothing items in another post (:

The Saturday afterwards me and my wonderful friends, went out for a meal at Prezzo in my local high-street. It was such a fun night ! Here are some photos of all of us (:

                                                            WARNING PHOTO OVERLOAD! :)

I had an excellent birthday, and I wanna thank some people for making the happen ! (:
Mum and Dad  - (:
Amber -  (: love you sister !
(in the photos)
Ulla -  red lipped girl !
Beverly - stunning orange/red blazer
Leila - gorgeous poofed up hair !
Naomi - cute photo taker !
Tarryn - beautiful stripy blazer !

anyway please excuses my chipped nails :( and I was wearing my new clothing ! The jumpsuit you might be able to see is from River Island, and one of my favourite gifts from my Mum and Dad. And the bag is from my lovely Naomi ! Thanks again girlies for a WONDERFUL night!

Much love

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