Monday, 24 October 2011

baby its cold outside...

I must confess I love winter. Christmas time, my birthday (: it all happens around this crisp beautiful season. But, a few days ago I went trough my wardrobe to see what I would wear on a shopping spree and realised I did not have a essential; a basic hooded jacket. So on that wonderful trip down to the shops I brought a very nice jacket for £20 from H&M. I have search through there website but can't seem to find it! But I did find this little beauty: 
This amazing jacket is so beautiful it makes me a little upset to think I won't be getting it any time soon! But for only £30 I think it will defiantly be very popular. 

Also this outfit is very hot. I love the chick blazer, very jealous of it in fact! And the bracelet adds a touch of glam.
On the Street….Somerset House, London
picture from sartorialist 
a lot of fashion bloggers will most probably disagree with me when I say this but, I do not like half in/half out shirts! I will not be wearing that any time soon. (:

this is me on a recent sleepover (blog post below) just wanted to share with fellow bloggers where I got all of my clothes from :)
I am actually wearing two tops, the bottom one from NEW LOOK and the top from H&M, my jeans are from RIVER ISLAND. 

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Aimee xx


Aimee said...

just wanted to add I have just bought the coat and I urge anyone who shops online to Google discounts in the shop you are in! I got 50% off this jacket! xx

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Hi lovely,
I love this coat!!
I just found your's so cute!!
I'm the first follower:)
I'm very happy if you follow me too
Have a great day:)
Fashion tea at 5

benedettadr said...

really love these pics!

im following u now,follow me back if u want :)

leila georgina poole said...

hi , its leila ... your becoming really popular now ..:o

Aimee said...

tell me about it!

Babe Jane said...

Lovely inspiration :)

Aimee said...

thank you

leila georgina poole said...

hmmmm , my beautiful best friend :))

Rocket Fashionista said...

Lovely post! You look stunning! x

Aimee said...

thank youu !