Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Shoes!

Hello everyone how are you this fine Febuary day? Been wanting to write a post for so long but have been busy revising since my GCSE maths examination is in four months! EEK! If you have any tips please, please let me know!

Okay so my last post was about some new shoes I got..the Jeffrey Campbell's Lita look-a-likes, and now after a month of having them I have FINALLY got some photos together! I don't look the best as it was a rather hot evening when I took them but here we go!

I hope the pictures do not look overexposed :( We used the flash and it came out a bit weird :S

If you are interested the rest of my outfit is: Shirt - River Island
                                                                      Shorts - Also River Island

I think I have lost a few followers but please follow me I will now try my best to write as many post's as possible!



Roosas said...

loooove the shoes! I've been thinking of getting them myself, I'm afraid I'll be super tall though lol, is it hard to walk in them?:o


Aimee said...

It's not actually! They are ultra comfy actually, its very surprising! Because of the platform your foot does not bend to much in an awkward way. I would not recommend running in them though! :)<3