Friday, 3 February 2012

New shoes

Hello, how is the weather were you are this February? All I can hear on my radio is 'amber' weather warnings for snow this weekend in London -  not look forward to it! Anyway just wanted to write this post informing my followers - well at least the few - that I am getting new shoes! They are from boohoo and are so hot, cannot wait to try them on. They are a moderately cheaper look-a-like of the Jeffrey Campbell boots called Lita. Here is a image from the boohoo website:


Jeffrey Campbell

 How gorgeous are they? Really excited about wearing them. They have them in some other colours, but I got black as it means it will go with most things. I will take a picture of them on me soon :') Mine are suede and the ones shown by Jeffrey Campbell are leather, which are also available from boohoo!

Enjoy your ! (':



Jess said...

my friend has the jeffrey campbells, if only she was my size i would run away with them! so jealous! x

Aimee said...

ooh lush! I would too hahaha! (': but for now, will have to stick with the cheaper ones (': <3