Thursday, 2 August 2012

welcome to my world!

Hello! Can you believe that I am writing a post again! The next day! Wow, I am getting good. I really enjoy writing blog posts but I get distracted with Youtube, Facebook and Tumblr. Also as I said before it is my birthday soon, so have been online browsing and sending my mum the links to my best pieces. Although I added up all my items and it got to around £300. Showed my mum and she said "that's okay!" I was like "wooooaaahhh" I am now so excited! So yesterday I went on a mini shopping trip just up to IKEA and looked around the shops near there. In IKEA I got a wonderful plant. I really wanted one just for my window ledge and it looks wonderful and for only £3 it was a real bargain. I also popped into TOPSHOP - my all time best store. I looked in the sale section but there was nothing there! I was too late! But I got a really cute white top for £18 and I love it so much. Also on the way home me and my mum popped into Sainsburys - a massive one - and my Mum brought me some new pillows and a new throw for a rather pricey £57 but I love them so very much! Well anyway here are some photos of my new stuff. -->


Sorry about the amazingly bad quality photo's they were done on my webcam, my camera is dead and takes forever to charge! But hey, oh well! Right now I am listening to Christina Perri's album called lovestrong and I love it, have any of you got it?!
Also I am planning on getting my teeth whitened! I am so excited, have any of you had it done? Would love so advice! I am getting it professionally done, so it will cost around £200 - £400 , we are not quite sure yet but will see! I have always had a problem with my teeth being slightly stained due to my coffee drinking, hence the name of my blog! Haha :) Also I wanted to know what you guys are reading? That's if I get any comments! Haha! I am currently reading Linger by Maggie Stiefvater and love it! It is the second in the trilogy and it's amazing, a definite recommend for anyone between the age of 14 to about 17!
Better sign of now! Might do a fashion post next!:)<3 Good bye :)<3 One last quote to make you feel good today!
Have a great day guys!

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