Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sixteenth Birthday

So winter has finally arrived, bringing the cold and windy weather and even a little trickle of snow. I quite like winter, other than the mornings when I cannot pull myself out of bed - too much hassle it is the cold in the mornings, especially when you have to go to school.

So a fortnight ago it was my sixteenth birthday - and it was the most amazing birthday yet. We stayed, for a weekend, in centre parcs Longlet forest, and had the best time. We played a tonne of games and stayed in the most beautiful accommodation.  To top it of on my birthday I got a spa day - facial and manicure and full use of the facilities it was lush and I did not want to leave.
The spa where I spent my sixteenth birthday in pure relaxation

And of course I got a tonne of beautiful presents from my parents and my younger sister. From my sister I got the black Zara bag I wanted so badly - I was completely spoilt and felt like a rich kid.

Birthday : all of my presents from my parents, including a real leather skater dress, a black Zara bag and a bowler hat 

Birthday : My main present was my wonderful white iPhone 5 - I cried when I received this 

The weekend after I went out for a meal to Zizzi's for a late birthday celebration. 
Me and Ulla
I was wearing my new leather skater dress from River Island and my new bowler hat from Topshop.
Me and Leila.
Presents from them:

Birthday : finally read this book, from Naomi - its excellent so far
Birthday : A LOT of lush products, and other wonderful things from Ulla and Beverly 

Birthday : beautiful notebook from my friend Leila - the heart is filled with lavender.

Birthday : Next Milan luxury candle from my friend Ulla - smells too good. 
And that was it, the best birthday I have ever had - could not of wished for anything more. 

Aimee Louise


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Lovely post! love all your gifts, especially the Lush stuff!
laura xx

Aimee Brooks said...

Haha thank you! I know all the lush stuff is amazing! :)

Leila Georgina Poole said...


Leila Georgina Poole said...

you were born to be a blogger, like seriously

Anthea Lau said...

love the little things in your life captured on photos, and candles is my best bed buddy too :)
would you like to follow each other?